Harden Environmental Services Limited

Our office is located just east of Guelph allowing us to easily service clients throughout Ontario. Incorporated in 1993, Harden Environmental has been providing municipal clients, aggregate companies, school boards and provincial government agencies with a wide range of engineering services mainly centered around groundwater resources. Our staff includes Stan Denhoed P.Eng., M.Sc. with 25 years of groundwater resource evaluation in Ontario. Jackie Harman, P.Eng., M.Sc. provides water quality expertise. Allan Rodie, C.Tech. provides technical support on all our projects.

Harden Environmental Services Ltd. specializes in groundwater resource evaluation and in the investigation of groundwater contamination. We have extensive and specific experience with respect to regional groundwater studies and water budget development. Our other experience includes: aquifer testing, aggregate licensing and approvals, regional groundwater flow studies, landfill site siting studies, investigation of impacts on groundwater from septic systems, study of the transport of organic and inorganic contaminants in groundwater and Phase I and Phase II Investigations.

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